KS2 trip to The Wild Place.

On the 27th June 2017 all of KS2 went on a trip to The Wild Place which is near Bristol. At 9:15am we left school on an Applegates double decker coach, I sat on the top next to Max. It only took 25 minutes to get there, which I was happy about as I hate long journeys, and luckily no one was sick.

When we arrived the first animals we saw the were the reindeer, I didn’t know reindeer had fuzzy hair all over their antlers!

Next stop were the Okapi. I had never seen one of these creatures in real life before the closest I have ever got was watching the Madagascar movie. There was also a cute little baby okapi.

I loved the European Grey wolves, they were patrolling the perimeter of their habitat the whole time we saw them. Many years ago wolves actually lived in the forests in UK along with Wolverines, Brown bears, Lynxes and Wild Boars that still roam freely in the Forest of Dean today!

The Giraffes were majestic and looked so gentle, but we found out they can pack a powerful kick and the males fight with their horns and necks.

Our group didn’t get to see the Cheetahs because they were hiding in the long grass apparently there were three of them.

I enjoyed looking at all the endangered birds. One of the volunteers told me that the Socorro Dove that they had at The Wild Place was one of the most endangered birds in the world. They originated from an Island of Mexico called Socorro but aggressive hunting from predators such as rats has led to there being none left living in the wild. There are now about 140 living in captivity in America and Europe. Hopefully they will be reintroduced into the wild one day.

By Jack Turl

Author Visit

Last Wednesday, 14th June an author named Maz Evans came to our school to help us with our literacy. She is an amazing author and we were really excited when she came into work with us. Maz helped us plan stories and then read us some of her book, ‘Who let the Gods out’. It was a great book and a fantastic day. Could you recommend any other books for us to read as a class?

TORQUAY poem by Jack and Harry

The waves ran to the horrible sea.

Octopuses stare at the lonely boat.

Rats swim synchronised as the boats run away.

Quiet seagulls sneakily pinching chips from the chippy.

Under the cold shivering sea a fish went fishing.

A burger ran from a seagull trying to jump in a boat.

You see a jet ski being bullied in the corner of the dock.

by Harry and Jack  2017

Poem by Alfie

TORQUAY                      15.6.17

The boats immediately drove off.

The water stared at me.

The boats smiled at the waves.

Hotels laughed at the water from up high.

The seagulls bought my chips.

The boats waved at me.

the boat jumped the wave.

The boats ran over the sea.

The buildings leant on the trees.


Poem by Charlee and Amber

The tide crept as night fell.

Rails swaying to the music of tides clashing with the shore.

The buildings waved at the helicopter as it fly’s past them.

The sand stared at the people as they played

Quivering water cried as rain came.

The boat came to the water like a duck in a race.

Orange sunsets told everyone that night was coming.

The waves gave me a wave as  i walked past.


the boats screamed as the wind whistled.

the cars headlights blinked in the darkness

Timur the turtle saw daylight.

the motorbikes engines roared.

beaming street lights stood still.

the birds talked as fish leapt out of the water.

The tree cried when it lost a leaf.

the rocks smiled as they stood still in the moaning weather.

tower blocks smiled at the outdoors from up high.

the waves waved at people on the shore

Harley and KIERAN



Holiday is hear by Jack and Jessica Grammy award best peom

The windows blink so peaceful and calm.

the  chimney smoke a rage of anger.

A eerie  screech from the wind blowing.

mountains weep as the children play.

The mouth watering smell of fish and chips

filled the air of joy .

the houses glared at each other when the sun goes down.

orange sunset tells everyone it’s night time.

as sunrise came it is time to start a new day.

buildings cough on the hill side

BY JESSICA AND JACK                                 2017

My awesome poem by Max.

The field grinned

as the boats ran over the water.

The water leered at me as

the waves waved at me.

The hotels stared down at me from up high

as the windows were getting cleaned.

The waves took the sand as

the leaves fell of the trees.

The house smiled at the blue sea as

the speed boats danced past.



Torquay poem by madison demi and evie

Tide crept in as night fell.

Orange sunset told everyone that night was coming.

Rails swaying to the music of the tides clashing with the shore.

Quivering water cryed as rain came.

Underwater starfish danced like angels.

All the sea creatures chatted about sea life.

You need to be aware of dancing birds because they will grab your food.

By Evie Maddie Demi                                                         2017

Poem by Merrick


The waves stumbled to shore

Octopi sneaked under the water

Rugs waved at the sea

Quiet fishes leapt out the sea

Under water the pressure squashed  a lemon

A seagull bought chips from the beach

Yellow sand being buried by water

Merrick                                                                 2017

Shropshire 2017

The children really enjoyed our residential trip to Manor Adventure in Shropshire this year.